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Hello and Welcome to www.limahl.org. This website is still under construction. We will put more interessting stuff on this Homepage as soon as possible. But you can already find some great stuff here. Please take a look at our guestbook too. We are looking forward to your entry. Have fun to grub in our pages.


  • 11.09.2006 - Website make over. > News
  • 06.08.2006 - Coca Cola activity goes on! Cokefridge now cooperates with iTunes.
  • The Label ZYX Music announced at 26th May 2006 the new Single of Limahl which is called 'Tell me why'. The title ran the Top 100 and allocate in the first week the 96th Chart position. During the Promotion tour through Germany in May and June Limahl gave scores of Signing sessions and defended the chartposition. Unfortunately in the following week the song slip off at position 100 and then it was out of the Charts. 'It couldn't be anything' we thought, and were searching for a chance to bring Tell me why back into the Charts to show the audience that the great Singer from the 80s is back. Many Radio stations in Germany still don't want to play the song and we're sure there are a lot of former fans who not noticed that Limahl has a new Single.

    Since a few days we got an idea. Why shouldn't we take the hype of attraction of the football world cup? And this abolutely for free!! Even if the world cup is over for some weeks, the campaign is still running. All what you have to do to bring Limahl back into the Charts is following:

    • if possible promote 5 new members - for every member you'll get 5 coins credited. Attend: You can only promote 5 members a month!
    • collect codes in caps of empty Coca Cola bottles (in Germany) and admit. For every code you'll get 1 Coin.
    • click 'Get Music' at the menu item and go to 'Songs for Coins'. After the login you can buy Song vouchers with the collected coins. If the server is not able to connect, the voucher is saved at cokefridge in your memberfile. To use the voucher you must install the iTunes software on your PC. You can get it for free on the iTunes website.
    • Tip: If you download the radio version it costs exactly one song voucher

    Please ask as many people you can for help. Every download and every code from bottles help!

    If you have questions please contact us: support@limahl.org





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