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Radio Interview with Sue Marchant

Source: BBC Radio Northampton

Iíts Limahl........Good morning.

Good morning Sue, yes I created a wave of dodgy hair on the world, itís all my fault.

Dodgy hair on the world, now Iíve got to call the matron in on this because the matron looks after the program here!


We were just discussing earlier, are you actually a brunette or are you a blonde?

Iím dark.

Youíre dark?

Iíll tell you what happened, alright, in 1981 I was in a theatre show in Westcliff On Sea.


It was called Godspell and thereís 5 guys and girls in the show and all the guys had mousy brown hair, that was it and the girls was like a blonde, there was a red head there was a brunette, so I went to the director and said look Iíve always fancied being blonde and it would look good in the show, is it ok? He said yeah go for it, and thatís really what sort of started it off.

We like it donít we? We think youíre a trend setter Limahl, it looks super.

Well itís gone now.

What is the hair like now for tomorrow night?

The hair is derivative.

Right, ok.

I hate that word it sounds medicinal, doesnít it?

Yes, that answered that question then matron, hasnít it? Now then youíve had great successes in the 80's and what have you been up to since?

Oh boy, have you got 2 hours?

No, no!

Iíve been doing loads of things, but basically, during the 90's I was sort of doing production, remixing and sort of working with dlís. Did a bit of work with Kim Wilde and Peter Andre if you want a few famous names, but in 1997 I was in south London, my mobile rang, it was an agent, he said Iíve got a show for you in 6 weeks you need a band, you need an 1 hour set and I need an answer this afternoon and thatís really how I started sort of being Limahl again and what had happened was at that time was the first 80's compilation had been released and went to #1 and then there was just a chain of them. Radio stations started having 80's shows and night clubs were having 80's nights, it just took off from there and I had really put Limahl in the drawer and put a padlock on it. I just didnít think it was going to happen again.

Well yeah, like this new show thatís starting out Hit Me Baby One More Time, thatís almost like a relaunch type thing, are you happy about something like that?

Itís always slightly unnerving to think youíre going to be judged when in many ways you already proved yourself, but itís the world we live in isnít it, itís reality tv, itís the networks grabbing a few hands with phone calls, etc. and you canít fight it, just go on with it, so Iíll enjoy the experience of working with artists like Gloria Gaynor and Iíve worked with Howard Jones before and heís a cool guy and my mumís coming down from Wigan.

As long as youíre mumís there thatís the main thing.

My mum will be in the audience cheering me on, my brother is coming down as well. Iíll just treat it as a fun day out. And Iím not really looking beyond that because you just set yourself up for emotional disappointment donít you, if youíre going to win.

Well yeah. I suppose it is interactive tv the fact is, your life is in their hands.

Thanks, yeah I donít know how I feel about that, you know youíve just got to get on with it, youíve got to put yourself out there, do your best and enjoy it, donít take it too seriously .I suppose my life is in their hands really....well for one night anyway.

You say the word Limahl? Or limall? Youíre not a shopping centre, are you Limahl?

You know, Iíve already had a call from an agent offering me something and it was a rather good offer, actually, so I was considering it, then I got another call saying oh, Iím sorry we got the wrong Limahl, it was Lemar, I knew that was going to happen.

No, oh heck!

Yeah, I was there first but I mean heís the current guy and I think heís excellent by the way.

Heís got interesting hair as well by the way ,but getting back to yours now, you were sort of fit at that time. Are you still looking fit?

I look great sweetie!

Do you darling?

Yeah I look great. I like to think Iím a bit like Lulu, you know Lulu? Sheís cool she looks great, sheís in her 50's I want people to go WOW Limahlís nearly 50, heís looking great. Ran into pictures of Peter Stringfellow the other day.....

Yeah heís scary, heís definitely scary!

Heís put a bit of weight on, but....

So Saturday nightís when it all happens which is tomorrow night, which is kind of like the pre sort of interplanetary experience, on the other side, so do you think itís going to be a scary planet, Howard Jones howís he looking for instance?

I did a show with Howard in Germany about 6 months ago, he looks quite different actually, heís come really short on his hair and youíre caught in a time capsule with a pop video, itís played and played, the song gets played the pictures get printed and the people remember you from that moment which is scary enough, from 22 years ago. So yeah weíve all changed a bit and some more than others obviously.

Yeah, but the music lives on though doesnít it, I mean Too Shy and the Neverending Story, theyíre like anthems arenít they?

But we are lucky in that sense, that I mean for me those 2 songs were #1 all over the world and they just keep me working and working, I do laugh really.

Youíre global god!

Iím not a global god, but....I just think itís a gift really to be able to work on the strength of 2 #1 fits from 22 years ago. I think that my imaged played a little part in it, everyoneís always interested in whatís the hair like now, whatís he like now, is he sad fat and old and of course I am not!

Well iíve got a secret to share with you, Iíve looked at your website which is www.limahl.com

Yeah, thanks for plugging it.

I was interested you see, George Clooney, Limahl, youíre all up there together, so I was looking at that, thereís a lot of early photographs on there, Iím not sure if I would of put those on there, but your brave.

Oh you think I should remove them?

No not exactly just more with less clothes on would be really good!

*Limahl laughs*

Another thing how would you rate your chances on Saturday night?

I donít know, I mean thatís the 64000 dollar question. I think it really depends on the night how people perform how they look how they come across, who can tell?

Well weíll be watching and rooting for you.

Thank you!

Of course if anyone wants to vote then youíve got to go to ITV at 5.45pm and youíll be singing....... You sound pretty cool Limahl, Limahl itís been a pleasure talking to you.......do you have any plans for a new album or anything?

Iíve got some great new recordings, it would be wonderful I donít want to think too hard about it and get set up for disappointment but, Iíve never stopped writing, itís like riding a bike, once youíve written songs and taken something right from youíre head, from youíre heart, a spark of an idea and turn it into something that blossoms inti something fantastic you never lose that and itís always a thrill still to do I. Iíve just finished some new stuff and it will be great to have some vehicle, if you like, more than others.

It happens different ways for people now, doesnít it? Youíve never been away really, youíve been in the hearts of many a cool guy and all of us women for a long time and long may you continue to do so.

Maybe it be never ending , eh?

Never ending, thank you darling.

Thank you Sue!

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