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Radio Interview with Pat Marsh

Source: BBC Radio Kent

Limahl, how are you?

Iím great, I hope you were singing along there in the studio.

Well, I think everybody sings along cause itís so infectious that song.

Whatís amazing about that song is every language can sing along, so obviously Iíve traveled the world performing the song cause it was #1 everywhere, including top 5 in America, and itís a nonsensical sort of lyric, in foreign languages they have no idea what it means, they sing it back to me, itís just got that kind of sound doesnít it?

To be fair, you sort of cornered the market in nonsensical lyrics didnít you? Cause ooh to be ah was also very nonsensical in a sort of way.

It was. But we werenít the first, there are quite a few, the one I really like is, I do this live, last night I heard my momma singing a song, of course they all sing it back to you, chirpy chirpy cheep cheep, now whatís that all about, you know...?

Now whatís all this Saturday night TV show about?

Weíre all victims of the new TV reality craze, talent contest. Itís nice because it gives us older artist, if you like, from a couple decades ago a chance to shine again in an environment thatís slightly unnerving in the sense that youíre going to be judged, What does he look like now? What does he sing like, whatís his hair like, can he cut the mustard?

To be fair it was the hair style the girls really loved wasnít it?

Oh, I donít think it was just the hair come on...

The hair or the talent then.

I think the hair was part of it, Iíve never denied that, but I think the songs were good, the band had a good look and the old vocal cords were not doing a bad job.

So what do...Kajagoogoo will not reform for this TV show? It will just be you, wonít it?

Yeah as the singer and writer of the song, co-writer of the song of course I work in the capacity with the song and no there wonít be a reunion of the group, we tried that a year ago, we did it for one off for MTV, actually, but we met a few weeks after and itís not going to happen.

Fair enough.

Letís talk about something else.

Fair enough, obviously hit a bit of a raw nerve there, you worked in production havenít you since and also you toured. Werenít you on tour with What A Feeling?

I did do What A Feeling we came to Northampton.

Well thereís a thing...


Weíre in Kent!

Yes, oh, sorry Kent we came to Kent as well, donít know why I had Northampton in my head. What happened was in the 90's I was basically behind the scenes, a bit like a foot baller goes on to become a coach or an actor becomes a director. The interest in the early 80's was gone, sadly, it came back in about 97 one of the major labels released an 80's compilation that was very successful and so another company did it the same and then of course the market was saturated with everything and anything to do with the 80's, and the phone started ring and so I started doing Limahl shows and then I went right full circle into theater, which brings me to the show What a Feeling which was a 9 month tour and the great thing about that tour was doing 8 shows a week for 9 months really kind of solidified any doubts that I had in me, that I could still do it because I was doing it. It was just great for my confidence because you do wonder can I still do this, can I get out there and cut it and connect with the audience.

And you certainly can from what you say although, youíre up against, on Saturday night, some tough opposition, cause you got amongst others Gloria Gaynor competing against you, I will Survive, a good strong song and sheís been performing for years.

Yeah, thatís the thing, people say to me, what do you think your chances are and it just depends really on how people perform on the night, how do they look, how do they come across. I think regardless of what people like, the old hits, theyíll judge it there and then and of course weíre in the hands of the viewers with the voting so itís going to be tense.

Will it be live?

Live, even worse, so if you sing a deaf note they canít edit it out.

And you will be singing, you know sometimes, I do hesitate to say this, they do record it in advance donít they and mime?

Itís absolutely live. It is?

Yeah, and thatís a bit unnerving, I did it last year in Germany I did a similar sort of show, thereís just something different about live tv. It gives you the shivers.

So what happens? We hear the performance we vote and if we vote for you for example do you go on to the following week?

Slightly different format to the other shows. What happens is on this one itís going to be 5 brand new artists every week, and if I did get through I would go to the final which is 7 weeks later.



And how important is that exposure for you, if you did make it to the final? That would presumably be a small amount of money in the bank for you and open many doors.

Well yes thereís a fee involved in doing the show but Iím really not thinking in terms of that, I think itís obviously a chance to shine again, remind people that youíre out there. What is amazing to me is I met young people and they say oh yeah I know that song but had no idea who sang it and that is a bit scary cause you think wow it really is a long time, itís 22 years.

But you could be, there could be a kind of Tony Christie phenomenon, couldnít there?

It would be great but I canít really go there emotionally Pat because I donít want to set myself up to have that sort of disappointment. So Iím just going to go down, enjoy it, my motherís coming from Wigan and my brother is coming down as well, Iím going to have friends in the audience, some fans cheering me on and I'm just kind of try to enjoy it, it will be nice to meet Gloria Gaynor, Howard Jones, Tiffany and the Honeyz. And treat it as a fun day out really.

Really, I think you have a strong chance.

You smooth talker. Oh no, I do, I mean Tiffany ok, the song I Think Weíre Alone Now is quite catchy, but Tiffany you know it was a one hit wonder wasnít it, letís be brutal now the Honeyz, I donít think so, Howard Jones possibly, but I donít know if heís got the performance techniques, I think youíre main contender is Gloria Gaynor.

Right. Not that it matterís what I think.

Oh I got to have a word with her, got to give her some chocolate and plug up a vocal cord or something.

What timeís it on the screen?

5.45pm ITV Saturday Night, can I just appeal to the viewers, if youíve seen me in concert anywhere or youíve seen me in theater or youíve met me or Iíve signed an autograph or youíve just enjoyed something Iíve done, please give me that all important vote, Iím sorry if I sound like a politician, but I would love to be ib that final!

Fantastic, I guess your fan base is still quite big.

And itís growing all the time. I just finished my new website, if I can mention it www.limahl.com and itís had thousands of hits already, itís only been up 2 weeks the new site. I did have a sort of make due site before that, but Iíve spent months putting the new site together and itís wonderful, because the fans all over the world talk to each other and itís really sort of nice for them and for me and its nice to see it, Iím seeing it.

Do you chat with them sometimes?

Oh,iím great to the fans, actually somebody left a message in the guestbook saying they stopped following somebody else because they felt that the artist didnít care about the fans. A few weeks ago, I did a big show in Germany and I sneaked some of my fans into the after show party, so Iím that good and I take pictures with the fans and I sign everything and anything that I can. Without the fans, you know, forget it.

Itís payback time on Saturday night.

Payback time.

Best of luck to you Limahl, thanks for being with us, GOOD LUCK!

Thank you Pat, thanks very much!

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