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Limahl - What he loves, what he hates

BRAVO: How do you start a hectic day?
Limahl: With a good breakfast, beginning with a glass of milk and a healthy musli of rye bread. Unfortunately this is not often available in 'europe'. That's why I have a big bag of it from England in my carpetbag.

BRAVO: Are you nervous because of TV-Shows or important events?
Limahl:Far from it. I'm drying very quiet and I can collect. I've learned it of three years stage experiences and two Kajagoogoo tours.

BRAVO: What upsets you at people, with which you are working close together and what do you appreciate at them?
Limahl: I like people who are good organizers and who can organize, too. But I mean just official. Private are chaotics better for me. I'm really messy. I don't like guy's who are moody or unfriendly.

BRAVO: Do you think you're difficult or do you think it's easy to get on with you?
Limahl: I'm a perfectionist, but pretty cooperative. I hate to let people wait. The easiest are the humorous people.

BRAVO: Who are the important people around you?
Limahl: My Manager Billy Gaff, his assistent Russel Shore, a guy named Bill Stonebridge, my sister Caroline and her girlfriend Mandy, who is also singing a part of the 'Neverending Story'.

BRAVO: Did you have an affaire with Mandy or any hot situation?
Limahl: We really like each other, yes we love each other. Yes, wait - in Kopenhagen was a really tender point: Mandy's hotel room was so loud that she couldn't sleep. I lent her the second bed in my room, but she disclaimed with the words: "No, better not - in the end I'm lying under your blanket". I don't know if I was astonished or crestfallen. But until this day we conquered this point and we are good friends.

BRAVO: How do you spend an extra lazy day?
Limahl: I like to lying long in my bed. At aprox. 11 o'clock Caroline is bring me a cup of hot tea. Sometimes she has to come from the 'Utopia'-Studios where she works. Then I listen to music, read the newspaper and relax.

BRAVO: What are beside the 'Bran' you're most important travel-utensils?
Limahl: An aftershave of Yves St. Laurent which called 'Kauros', my black leather jacket, minimum 3 jeans an white t-shirts. Oh, and of course Johnsons Baby oil for my hair.

BRAVO: Do you have a favourite wish at the moment?
Limahl: Yes, to enter america as a singer. I hope I'll get the big jump in the new year. I also want to make a tour again in year '85 - to make a big show. I fulfilled a favourite wish of my own: I bought my dream car: a silver-grey Jaguar XJS with black leather-seats, built-in Quattro-Stereo and a telephone....

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