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Mugging with questions at Limahl

BRAVO: Who wrote the songs on you new LP 'Don't suppose'?
Limahl: 9 songs came from me (music and lyrics) and Neverending story composed Giorgio Moroder.

BRAVO: One song called 'The waiting game'. What's the meaning of that?
Limahl:Thats a very atmospheric lyric about prostitutes.

BRAVO: Are you in friendship with prostitute?
Limahl: I don't know, but I met some in London.

BRAVO: Then you write about your experiences?
Limahl: No. I just want to write about this topic. Furthermore it was a good hanger for a speak-song. Because this song is spoken. A quite wicked ambiance. You hear the step and a lot of more. It's like in a theatre.

BRAVO: Are the other songs love-songs?
Limahl: Yes, 'Oh Girl' for example.

BRAVO: Do you sing about a special girl?
Limahl: No.

BRAVO: Where did you get the ideas for the songs?
Limahl: I wrote 'Your Love' at the keyboard in my bedroom. I got the idea for 'Don't Suppose' in the last minute while we were recording the album.

BRAVO: You made a video for 'Neverending Story'. Do you watch private videos as well?
Limahl: Yes, i like Agatha-Christie-Movies.

BRAVO: Do you read in magazines the 'Gossip-pages'?
Limahl: Okay, okay, sometimes. I really like to read the gossip pages about popstars in the 'sun'.

BRAVO: What kind of music do you like at the moment?
Limahl: I really like the record of Prince. Deniece Williams is good as well. Sometimes I listen to the 'Footlose'-Soundtrack also. Since I have a new stereo I'm listening old stuff like Donald Fagan, Grace Jones and also Manhatten Transfer.

BRAVO:Do you think that Simon LeBon is sexy?
Limahl: No. I'd never thought that. Simon is too fat and bloated. But he's a nice guy.

BRAVO: What do you think who's sexy?
Limahl: Richard Gere, for example.

BRAVO: Boy George, Frankie?
Limahl: No, no.

BRAVO:Do you like Frankie's music?
Limahl: Oh yeah, I love it.

BRAVO: What would we read on a 'Limahl-says' - slogan T-Shirt?
Limahl: Probably something stupid like a 'Love-tip'.

BRAVO: Did you meet Charlene Tilton after 'Musikladen' again?
Limahl: No. She never called me, this little witch.

BRAVO: What's your plans for the future?
Limahl: I'll buy a new car in England. A Sport-Jaguar XJS in silver. That's my dream for many years. Now I have through a friend the chance to get a cheaper three years old second-hand car. With my dream-car I would drive along the coast of Cornwall.

BRAVO: What do you think about drugs?
Limahl: They are bad for you. I'm strictly against them.

BRAVO: Do you drink alcohol sometimes?
Limahl: I don't like Whiskey and Vodka. At times I only drink a Martini.

BRAVO: Who's your dream partner for a duet?
Limahl: Surely not Julio Iglesias. Joan Collins, that's it. Yeah. Joan Collins.

BRAVO: Then you watch every 'Dynasty' Episode?
Limahl: Yes, with enthusiasm. Especially the scene where all the ladies were fighting in the swimming pool. I was jumping for joy infront of the television. Great.

BRAVO: What kind of job would you like to have if you were not a popstar?
Limahl: 'Dynasty'-Star! With Joan Collins in the swimming pool.

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